What is Dabbing and why use it?

Inhaling the vapour of extremely concentrated concoctions with cannabis percentages of 75 percent or higher and a purity that “normal” hash could only dream of is what is meant by the term “dabbing.” In a word, dabbing is described as inhaling the herb grinder vapour of highly concentrated concoctions. What exactly do you need in order to “budder up” and enjoy a dab? In order to dab, you will need a concentration, a dabbing instrument, a blowtorch, and what is more generally known as an oil rig or e dab rigs. This gadget is essentially the apparatus that has been created especially for the purpose of taking a hit from a concentrate.

These tools are primarily available in two distinct styles: nail and skillet A skillet and dome rig is characterised by the presence of a tiny metal plate that is attached to a dome and a swing arm that sits atop the swing arm and connects to the rig’s downstem. The nail that is used in a nail and globe rig can be constructed of glass, quartz, or titanium, and the glass tube or sphere that encases the nail and the vapour can be either cylindrical or spherical.

What is dabbing?

Although the consumption of cannabis concentrates is not exactly something new, there is a growing amount of excitement about a new type of concentrate known as dab. These chemicals can be found in a wide variety of forms and are frequently referred to by names such as oil, budder, wax, BHO, or shatter. The popularity of dabbing has skyrocketed, particularly in states and jurisdictions that have decriminalised cannabis. These days, dispensaries stock just as remarkable an assortment of concentrates, or dabs, as they do flowers.

Many people consider 2012 to be the year that concentrates truly began to take off, and they have since continued their march to dominance since that time. Some people believe that this is a significant step forward in the evolution of stoner culture.

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