Tips to fly your Parrot AR Drone in the outdoors

A new dimension is now available to outdoor gaming with the introduction of the Parrot drones that are AR. The idea of virtual warfare is now a possibility and laid out in this article are some great tips to ensure you have the best time with your brand new drone when outside your house.

If your device chest has the new Parrot AR Drone Helicopter or an i-connected Apple device that you own, then you and your friends are in for unmatched outdoor adventure in the coming months, weeks and years. Combine this with lorelai payments multiple batteries to keep your machine operating all day long, and you’ll draw a host of wide mouthed viewers to your garden or playground, as its producers did with the press at the recent launch. Though, the drone is also built to fly indoors with extra protection, but it is not a problem when you choose to bring your battle to the greens, in so far as you stay within the distance of around 20m. The following tips can help you get the most value from your machine beyond the walls of your walls at home.

To get started, ensure that you’ve installed your Augmented Reality free flight application as this is the medium that your drone will synchronize with your Apple device and take off up to the desired heights. Also, you have to ensure that your controller is in “Airplane” mode and the WiFi is on to connect with the quadricopter in the manner it is described to by its makers.

Use the Multi-player mode

What will be the essence of enjoying the outdoors if you cannot share the fun with others who are also gamers? In the multiplayer mode, you can battle your colleagues who also own a drone. You can shoot, battle on who flies highest or collide copters and see who is more in control following the collision. Also, there’s no limit on the number of people who can participate in the fun. Guess what! The more, the merrier and this means more targets for every warrior.

Avoid Windy Areas and Below Trees

For the best flying and gaming experience while out in the open, avoid the areas that are windy, such as beaches and under trees. Also, your copter can get stuck in trees or end up damaging rotors with no protection if they get stuck in trees when powered.

Stay within the WiFi boundaries of 20m

To keep the entertainment at its peak when you fly your Parrot AR Drone in the outdoors Make sure that you keep the machine within 20 metres of your Apple device controller. If you don’t,

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