The importance of trace minerals

The importance of trace minerals to the body is not overstated particularly when discussing the advantages of selenium. Your body’s immune system needs to have the right minerals and vitamins to function and all of them have their significance. Selenium is among the trace minerals that can really help you should it be present in your body, or cause an illness or even death if it isn’t.

Selenium is present in almost every cell in the body, including the pancreas spleen and kidneys and insures regular liver function. Like other essential minerals, selenium is an antioxidant that eliminates free radicals which roamliposomal trace mineral selenium supplement around the body in the form of tiny killers. It is becoming more and more apparent that selenium is related to its involvement in the fight against various human diseases and diseases.

Selenium’s main benefits are protection against cancer and heart disease

Selenium’s role in protecting your heart is amazing. This mineral can prevent your blood from sticking to the inside of your arteries, reducing the chance of clotting, heart attack and stroke. What’s that about a triple-threat? Selenium’s benefits include boosting quantities of the good cholesterol, another advantage in maintaining your heart’s health.

Cancer is a natural target in selenium. The Office for Dietary Supplements high levels of selenium in the blood lower the risk of several forms of cancer including the colorectal, prostate and lung. The antioxidant properties of selenium help to prevent the growth of cancerous cells and tumor cells. And because selenium effectively raises the fighting levels of your immune system research studies show that the development of blood vessels, which support and grow tumors, is suppressed! Needless to say, medical research is conducting ongoing selenium tests to test against other forms of cancer.

The mineral essential to our lives is vital for general health too. For instance, it’s been demonstrated to boost testosterone levels in men and combat arthritis. Its antioxidant qualities help to protect the body from the negative effects of alcohol and other toxic substances. Similar to copper, it also plays an important function in maintaining your hair and skin. Selenium supplementation can improve asthma symptoms and helps patients recover faster from bronchitis and pneumonia.

Certain foods, supplements and other food items can give you the advantages of selenium

If you can locate produce which has been cultivated in soils rich in selenium increase your intake of nuts, oats along with brown rice and leafy greens. However, most foods that were once rich in beneficial levels of selenium don’t contain these levels anymore. The reason is that the soil in farms has been used repeatedly, so that selenium levels have decreased.

Therefore, you should continue eating the most healthy diet you can. However, remember that most doctors nowadays recommend taking supplements for selenium in order to maintain the level of your selenium that is healthy. The recommended dosages for selenium are 55mcg per day for women and 70mcg per day for males. However, for cancer patients or those who have a larger risk of cancer, doctors recommend amounts of as high as 400mcg to enjoy the maximum benefit from selenium.

As you can see selenium is an all-around super trace mineral that aids your body in a variety of crucial ways. Trace minerals like selenium prove the old adage that good things really do come in small quantities. Selenium is an essential mineral for your body therefore even if you’re not taking supplements, there’s a good chance that you are not getting enough of this essential mineral. Incorporate selenium into your diet as soon as you can so that you can start getting the healthy benefits of selenium.

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