Andros Island Bahamas – A Paradise For Families

Andros Island, Bahamas is the largest island in the Bahamas archipelago. In fact, it is so large that it is considered one island – more than all of the other 700 islands in the archipelago combined. Located in the southern Bahamas, this tropical paradise is perfect for families. Here are some of the island’s best attractions. Let’s start with a map. Andros Island covers an area larger than all of the other 700 Bahamian islands put together.

The earliest Europeans called the island andros island bahamas Espiritu Santo. By 1782, the island was called San Andreas. The modern name is believed to be in honor of Sir Edmund Andros, a Governor of Massachusetts and New York in 1672. Its name is derived from the name St. Andro Island, which was named after a local saint. The island was settled by about 1,400 St. Andro Island residents in 1787. Later, settlers from Massachusetts and New York settled on the island. In the late 19th century, sponging and cotton were widely grown.

The west coast of Andros is dotted with numerous bays and channels. You can see deep blue water surrounded by turquoise waters. The pristine coastal wetlands in the West Side National Park provide plenty of fresh water. In fact, 7 million gallons of fresh water are shipped to Nassau every day! The island’s underground tunnels allow rainwater to collect and form a fresh water lens over the salt water. If you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind, the Andros Islands are the perfect place to visit.

On the northeastern end of the island, there is Morgan’s Bluff. According to legend, buried treasure was stored in Morgan’s Cave. You can reach the bluff by following signs located on Queen’s Highway. You can also check out a cave nearby. If you have children, the cave offers a great experience for them. The cave is an excellent place to go on a Bahamas family vacation. This cave is 65 feet high, and the view from its peak is breathtaking.

If you’re a keen angler, then Andros is the place to visit. Its serene waters are perfect for fishing, and the island is home to unspoiled beaches and fresh seafood. Andros Island’s beaches are especially romantic, especially at sunset. But make sure you pack plenty of water and other supplies because the island doesn’t have power all that often. The island is also home to a wild dog colony.

Andros Island has scenic white sand beaches and aquamarine waters, but they’re not crowded with beach amenities. You’ll find hammocks and coconut trees as well as palm trees. Try out some of the island’s popular attractions, like Somerset Creek Beach, which is covered with seashells. Or visit Blue Hole Beach, which is famous for its visible sinkhole. And don’t miss the Tongue of Ocean, which is a huge underwater canyon.

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