Misuse And Abuse Of Alcohol

Many people have a misconception about alcohol abuse interchanging it with alcoholism. The truth is, alcoholism, or alcohol dependence is the most severe form of alcohol abuse. It is a chronic disease regarded as the consumption of alcohol at a level that affects physical and mental health and the overall responsibilities of a person.

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On the other hand, alcohol abuse is rampant among teenagers and young adults. Their pattern of drinking usually results to a failure in fulfilling tasks เหล้านอก. Another is engaging to drinking under circumstances that are physically dangerous like operating machinery or car driving which may lead to recurring alcohol-related problems such as violence or being arrested under the influence of alcohol.

Depression is a serious medical problem in which a person feels hopeless, unimportant and all other distressing factors that sometimes lead to the thought of taking away one’s own life, making depression as one of the most common factors of alcohol abuse and is more dominant with adults rather than adolescents.

Peer pressure, on the other hand, is the most prevailing factor of alcohol abuse among adolescents and young adults. Most of them nowadays think that the excessive intake of alcohol is okay for as long as they are having fun and enjoying the company of friends. Most young people do not take into consideration the effects of their actions.

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