NFL Scandal Hardly Fades Online

Ever since news on Michael Vick’s fighting dogs and his illegal gambling activity broke out, the story hasn’t died out online. The petition to boycott the NFL is still posted online. Pictures and videos of Michael Vick and vitriolic words against his cruelty to those animals still echo as search engines pick up thousands of articles written about him.

What a way to be remembered. He’ll go down in history as the poster boy for animal cruelty Daftar Slot Online. What was he thinking? He was making tons of money but he didn’t wise up to stop his gambling habit. It was a big operation and since he’s a big name then and infamously known now, was it even worth the risk?

Two years after the scandal, the team that took him in is getting it from animal lovers out there. Michael will not hear the end of it. There has to be a huge effort from him to show remorse and to pay for his deeds. People are not so forgiving unlike his dogs.

On the other hand, it’s good for him to be playing again because he’d still be in the limelight. He’d be more dangerous to animals if he just faded into nowhere. Perhaps it’s time to bury the hatchet and just leave him be. The team that took him in is actually doing everyone a favor. He was a good player and there couldn’t be a better opportunity for him anywhere else.

Everyone should hope for his epiphany. Maybe someday he’ll have the opportunity to be a spokesperson for animal rights. He’s been there and he knows the brutality involved in it. All he has to do is sincerely show regret. Only a cold person would turn him away.

Maybe the Eagles would suffer more than they think by heaving him on their team. He can elicit aggressive feelings from an opponent who happens to own and love dogs. What an inspiring player he would be for the fans and other teams. He already has inspired dog clothing with eagle logos on them. He made it easy for people to hate him and the hate is rubbing off his team

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