Stag Parties And Five A Side Football

Here is a general enquiry that is driven by natural curiosity and no other motivation. Every now and then, do you feel like rounding up all of your old buddies for a stag party where you can have a jolly old-time, just like it was in school or college days? If your answer is yes then we will respond by saying that one of the ultimate ways that you could make this evening a memorable one is by organizing a football match. Are you saying that you don’t have 25 friends coming over for a stag party? We got you covered for we are talking about a five a side football match. Convenient, isn’t it?

The best part about the five a side truc tiep bong đá football is that it gives you the feeling of being in a real football match, but the rules are relaxed to provide for a feeling of comfort and ease. However the main focus of this match is to allow for friends to bump shoulders and have a lot of laughs and just have fun. The rules are also easy to understand and even if you are bringing over friends who aren’t exactly in the best of their shape and have no clue about football can still be part of the action. The rules can be explained in a few minutes and all your friends will be up to speed.

As the title would have given away by now, five a side game is the reduced version of the standard football that you played in college and enjoy watching on weekends. In this version of the sport you have exactly 5 players on each side and the entire match needs about 10 friends. If you are hosting stag party, there is a good probability that you can round-up ten friends so this fits in with your plan of a good time. So, the game is small enough to match your friends head count and that is convenient indeed.

In many ways, the reason why five a side football is a popular option for stag parties is the required head count. Consider this scenario. Say you only have about six or eight friends and that is falling short of the required head count for the game. If this was any other game, that would have been problematic. However, almost everyone loves football and chances are your friends have friends who like football. So, you can always invite them over and they are bound to have a great time at your stag party.

Pondering over official football rankings you eventually come to the point that they make no sense for avid fans. They only make sense for FIFA itself. That sense is, however, akin to benefit music CD vendors reap from classifying music into rock, pop, disco etc., as it makes it easier to sell the discs and increases the profit. Official football rankings are aimed exactly at gaining profit from competitions not allowing strong and prominent teams to encounter early in the tournament.

Unofficial rankings are much more intriguing but none of them will say that Team A is stronger than Team B and that is their principal advantage. If rankings counted for so much, football would be dull and unpopular. The Danish and Greek national teams would have never won the UEFA European Championship trophy, FC Zenit Saint Petersburg would have never become the UEFA Cup champion and it wouldn’t have made sense for Getafe to struggle against Real Madrid.But everything is quite the other way as there is always a room for temper, fortune and circumstance.

1. The FIFA WorldRanking. It is an official ranking in association football. The team gains a certain point for every game played. The quantity of points is not stable and depends on myriad of circumstances. For instance, the team gains more points if the opponent is considerably stronger. The calculation is based on results for the last four years. All the friendly games, continental championship games and World Cup matches are included into the calculation. And of course, it is one thing to win in a friendly and it’s totally another to pass flying colours in a World Cup game. So, the more significant a match, the more points gets a team.

Drawbacks: unjustifiably high coefficients of the Confederations Cup (3.0), continental championships (2.5) and FIFA World Cup (4.0). Thus, for instance, in the AFC Asian Cup the Japan national team can easily gain a lot of points on matches with Kyrgyzstan or Bahrain meanwhile Russia, Slovakia, Ireland and Armenia will struggle in one qualifying group. It is obvious that competition among teams in Europe is much higher than in Asia, Africa and even in both Americas.

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