Welsh Gold Jewellery Gifts For Little Girls

They say a little girl is always looked upon as a princess by her father. Whenever she cries he will rush to comfort her, whenever she wants something he will make sure to get whatever it is she desires. No other love can compare to the bond of a father and daughter. As a father it is important to give your daughter something to remind her of this love. Welsh gold jewellery is the perfect token of this love. There are several jewellery items specifically designed for children. Welsh gold jewellery can be worn for formal occasions or if preferred on a daily basis. By providing her kids jewellery made out of Welsh gold you are also presenting her a piece of her Welsh heritage.

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There will be plenty of suitors and men in her life that will be ready to pamper her once she becomes an adult. But why not be the first man in her life to gift her gold jewellery buy gold in dubai. If you plan on gifting her Kids jewellery for the first time, a locket can be a great gift to give. It is the type of jewellery meant for young girls to wear to church or for daily wear. If you prefer you could choose from the many pendants offered in Welsh gold. Most of the pendants have either rose gold and silver or yellow and rose gold combinations. The fairy collection is exceptionally ideal for small girls. The fairy collection offers a fairy locket and matching fairy earrings. The locket and earrings are composed of branches intertwined to shape a heart. The heart opens and inside is a fairy. According to Welsh folklore it is said that fairies live in the ancient trees of the forests. She will cherish the idea of a magical fairy being gifted to her which will keep her from harm’s way.

Birthdays, Christmas, graduations are all great occasions for gifting her Welsh gold kids jewellery. One day when she starts a family she can then pass down these precious pieces of gold kids jewellery to her daughter. On her 17th birthday if you are planning on getting her a car you could get a Welsh gold keychain and attach the keys to it and present them to her. The age where she is finally considered as an adult is an occasion that will always be remembered by her. The only way you can make it more special is by presenting her with Welsh gold jewellery. There are so many choices of charms and key chains that can be selected specifically for her personal liking. All of these jewellery pieces have a touch of rare Welsh gold for her to treasure. Some of the popular charm designs include dragonflies, doves, hearts, frog prince charming, flip flops, ballet shoes, lipsticks, butterflies and more.

Little girls also find charm bracelets very appealing. Every time they are presented with a new charm they can add it to their bracelet making it all the more special. Collecting charms could be a hobby she can carry for the rest of her life. Each charm can represent her personal taste. Now that you have some great Welsh gold kids jewellery ideas take the time to consider investing in it. When your little girl is much older she will not have the liberty to purchase Welsh gold for herself since the supply will be finished by then. Once she is old enough to comprehend the value of these gifts she will be grateful for having a father that cared enough to buy her Welsh gold Kids jewellery.

Celtic jewellery designs have captured the attention of the new generation and manufacturers seem to be catering to this demand rather well by designing everything right from neck pieces to jewellery bracelets in these awe inspiring age old patterns. The elan and the sophistication that Celtic designs possess make them a hit with almost any style of dressing and this has contributed immensely to their popularity.

Designers do realise though that the needs of the modern day dressers are very different from the Celtic era and therefore have risen to the challenge by creating jewellery that retains the beauty of the Celtic designs and yet caters to the new generation requirements.

Keeping the tips listed below will help pick Celtic era jewellery that is more in keeping with the trendy dressing in today’s day and age-

1) Finish – When looking for Celtic era jewellery do not restrict your search to the antique look only. Unlike Victorian age jewellery, the Celtic patterns look authentic even in the glossy finish. Keep in mind that modern day dressing will not allow you to wear an ornament with an antique finish very often, while say a silver bracelet that is shiny can be worn with a sequin dress to a disco also.

2) Material – When buying chunkier jewellery like big jewellery bracelets or large earring or heavy neck pieces in the Celtic design, keep the material of the ornament in mind. It is a fact the chunky Celtic designs do look good, but they can drill a hole in your pocket too. A chunky silver bracelet would be preferred for everyday wear rather than a platinum one.

3) Light weight heavy look- Chunky Celtic era jewellery is a huge attraction, but sadly wearing these pieces for a long time can become quite cumbersome and interfere in routine daily chores. So, if looking to wear the Celtic era jewellery casually and for longer periods of time, work with ornaments that are hollow from inside so that they are light to wear and yet retain their heavy look

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