World Cup Betting Tips

If you’ve been in betting on sports for a while or are new and have been following the guidelines on this website, the most likely you’ve visited websites like while doing research on forthcoming games ทางเข้า ufabet. Chances are you’ve also noticed the tiny “consensus” tidbit next to every game. It tells what team public believes will prevail. You may see that a team has 70% public opinion and feel like that might be a decent option to place your bet. While nothing is ever certain in the world of betting on sports but this notion is typically incorrect.

If the Public Always Won…

One of the most essential principles to consider while betting on sports is this: If the general public made more than they lose, sports books would cease to exist. This is simplifying things by a bit, of course however, generally speaking, that is the truth. Sports books and casinos are in business to make money–lots of money. If they are losing money in an region, they’ll either modify the rules or cease providing it entirely. Because the world of online sport ebooks is alive well so it’s safe to assume that they are making profit and that in time, the general public loses their money.

I’ve been telling people to subscribe to the concept that reverse opinion is the best way to gauge public opinion for a long time since. Like a lot of the advice I’ve given here at SportBooksReview I’m not suggesting that you do not bet on the team with higher public support every night. But keep that in mind when doing your research. There are a few situations where observing the public consensus and comparing it with the line’s movement could be interesting, and these are the times when you should take advantage of the opportunity to pounce.

Public Consensus and Line Movement

As we mentioned in our Line Movement article, there are many reasons that can cause sports books to move the line. One reason is that one team receiving significantly greater bets than the other. This creates an environment where books will lose a substantial amount of cash if one team prevails. The books would like to have a fair, even amount of money that is bet on both sides of the game and, regardless of which team wins, they’ll come out on top because of the juice (newbies: betting $110 to make $100, and the $110 is the fruit). This is the reason it’s a great option to take a quick peek at the consensus percentages as well as the line movements for the sports you wish to bet on–there can sometimes be some extremely useful details that can provide you with an advantage.

While researching when you research, if you witness a game in which the public is heavily gambling on one particular team for instance 70% or higher, yet the line was not moved from its original value then ask yourself why that is. If the public bets the majority of their money on an opponent, but the books do not move the numbers to draw more gamblers for the team that isn’t, it’s probably telling you something. Either the books are confident that the public will lose, or the high-risk smart bettors have already placed their bets on the other team. Either way, this is an alarming sign. Don’t be a fool and put that your cash on the method There will be situations where these numbers are simply too convincing to ignore.


In general, I enjoy betting against the public, especially when there is a strong crowd backing the underdog of a game. You’ve probably guessed, the common theme of my articles is research–we’re talking about money , and it’s vital to take every opportunity to discover an advantage before placing your bet. Similar to a lot of my advice the following article isn’t intended to be a standard-fit-all strategy as such, but rather a part of a larger overall strategy of doing your homework and ultimately identifying profitable opportunities. If you implement the strategies I’ve given in this article and pair it with one methods I have developed, you will win money–the only question is how much?

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